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tough white dog names

She is also the founder of the Gundog Trust and the Dogsnet Online Training Program, Pippa's online training courses were launched in 2019 and you can find the latest course dates on the Dogsnet website. I am not sure if that was an excuse for his swagger or not! Lol! I'm sure a lot of them will be used now that you've so graciously pointed them out. Al Capone: the boss of the Chicago mafia. Hi! Eragon will be 8 years old comes his birthday in August. Eragon We call her Doom though. Big square heads, broad bodies and a stance that says they mean business. Your dog doesn’t have to be traditionally hard as nails to deserve a tough dog name. Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on June 25, 2014: Interesting and just a fun hub :) thank you for sharing. In this article, we'll look to real world and pop culture for tough-name inspiration. PAX is also greek for Peace. Orca – The name for a killer whale. John Wayne (either first or last name could be used as a dog name; Famous Actor). Here are famously tough men and women from various religions and Greek and Norse mythology: Tough dogs do not need to hang out at the gym and pump iron, but it helps. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. Axel. Some of them were plucked from the myths themselves and have rich stories to back them up. But today, choosing the best big puppy names can easily make new headlines when it comes to the most popular names for celebrity pup.. Big dog names can also make a massive impression. 7. Because of their original meanings. Argos. (Caliber). Looking for tough female dog names? It's grey and white in color. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 22, 2013: I did the same thing with my Maltese, Kristen. On the other hand, tough police dog names, for example, definitely serve a specific purpose. Top 100 White Dog Names. But for some canine parents, it can be a confusing decision! hahaha. However, you may also want to take a look at our black & white dog name ideas. The suggested name is in bold—for example, for "Baby Face Nelson," it's much easier to call "Nelson" than "Baby Face. Answer: What about Fergie? Kong (King Kong might make a great name for a tiny dog). Patch; Gibson; Clayton; Boscoe; So, that is my suggestions! I just got an 8week old pit lab mix he’s going to pretty big but I want an off the wall name something you barely hear he’s tan in color and has red nose and green eyes my husband likes chaos but idk. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on August 08, 2014: I guess Oreo has trouble being tough, but you never know. So why not knock it up a notch further with some tough police dog names? 50 Tough Dog Names Whether you now have a girl dog or a boy pup , there is an option on this list for them. However, if you want to be funny, these badass dogs names are humorous when given to small dog breeds with a larger than life attitude. Military Dog Names: Bases & Stations. I still like it. Here’s a selection that might appeal to you: Amir – from the Hebrew, meaning “powerful”. They gotta have "show names" ha, theyre Not show dogs! You get it. When you think about white, it’s easy to relate it to purity, peace, ice, snow and the sky. They’re often short, and giving your dog an easy to say name will help him along the way to a good recall. Looking for name suggestions. Best dog ever she will never be forgotten and i a so truely missed. Hulk A lot of people would like to have a dog called “Dillinger,” for example, but names longer than two syllables are difficult to use for commands. Indie (as in Indiana Jones, character in the movie of the same name). Andrew (Air Force) Benning (Army) You get it. Any ideas on a name for her? From classic and old fashioned dog names like Lady to mythology inspired names such as Apollo, this list has a wide variety to choose from. Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? Do not name your dog “Puddles” after an accident at the carpet. Can Dogs Eat Tuna Fish: Is Tuna Good For Dogs? as in General Zod in "Man of Steel"? I'm having trouble coming up with a name for her, could you help me? A large full blood German Rottweiler showed up at our house one day and we adopted him.We named him Zeus because he was so smart. Another fun idea is to name your dog after a military base. Thanks so much for this hub!! Cheeky Kid from Milky Way on August 30, 2014: Lol. Barbara Fitzgerald from Georgia on June 21, 2014: BODYLEVIVE from Alabama, USA on May 29, 2014: Our first pit came from our son's pit bull, Titus. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Puffin – A traditional black and white bird. Tough male dog names? The names work for bullies. In fact, your tough puppy might even have a cuter name! If you want a tough dog name that doesn’t have the immediate impact of a descriptive word, then you might like the sound of a villain-inspired name. I am picking up a female Great Dane this weekend. Black and white dogs are popular pets, from Dalmatians and Huskies, to Border Collies and Boston Terriers! Check out our big list of Tough Dog Names for more inspiration. I have a chinaman pit puppy she's blue. You shouldn’t give booze to dogs, but if you like hooch as much as your pooch you might want to name your dog … Chi Chi progressed to Cheech which I think is also an awesomely badass name!! Artemis – After the Greek goddess. I had a Joey Boxer but her "real" name was Josyf Ray Amanda. Whether the names have an air of menace or simply an association with a tough woman, get inspired with these ideas. I had a female red heeler named her Thistle someone stole her. Imagine the vet's surprise when he walked in expecting a little peep and finding a beast! We have a Silver Lab, he is 11 months. This might not be for everyone, but you could always name your tough dog after a notorious prison: As soon as you find a name, get your tough puppy a name tag. But a more serious way to give your dog a name that means business is to move over to the world of guard dog names. All of them live up to their names. Tough names can also be a great way to show off a big dog breed. Here are some ghastly ideas for the grimmest tough dog names around. Reply. White Dog Names Inspired by Books and Movies . Naming a new dog is fun and exciting. Scroll below for more tough and cute white puppy names for girl and boy dogs. Rex Why not do the reverse and give them a "girly" name. Like Vin Diesel. Kyle Larson. What says tough more firmly than strength? Jaws (from the Movie with the same name) I thought about Axel any other ideas? A military-grade road vehicle known for being big and tough. I like Kaiser too but I’ve been informed that name may not be appreciated by some history buffs. Great story. TANK is a great name. Dog Names by Breed; Famous Dog Names; One Syllable Dog Names; Below is a list of more than 140 exotic dog names for your dog. When people think about dog names of Native Americans, it might be quite difficult to think of particular breeds. Related. Answer: I don't think a Sibe/Dobie mix needs a tough name. And the best fierce names are the ones that make you smile. I’ve taken some of my favorite villains from the world of fantasy, movie and television. You can’t call your dog Cabernet Sauvignon just because it’s your favorite wine. Then fierce dog names could be right up your alley. Check out our big list of Tough Dog Names for more inspiration. Even lovely Labs can rock this look – especially the broader show line dogs. So here are a few Lab-centric tough names to investigate, most inspired by the various Lab coat colors. A lot of dogs need tough names. Tobias. Hopefully this list of Native American dog names has provided you with some inspiration! But we’ve compiled some that certainly do! Also talk to your vet about a microchip the next time you visit. Not sure but that way, they might sound suspiciously more tougher...and funny. There are some great choices just in the world of human style names. Apache. Nyxie – For a Goddess of the night. White Fang. Duke, Bruce, Smokey, Bruno Your puppy sounds like a little Vixi. (Pronounced Vee-see) That is a Brazilian expression that means "Oh my God!" If we’re honest, our Labs are more likely to welcome burglars in with open paws than with a fierce growl. Alcohol white dog names. Pitbulls are my breed. Do you want amazing and best tough dog names for little dogs? Jax We’ve got plenty more ideas to run through. Didn’t see that name in your lists. More Tough Dog Names. I got him for my husband, who is a veteran living with PTSD. So that you can choose best one from the list. Zeus is a perfect name for your dog. Browse or study the list and have fun. A military-grade road vehicle known for being big and tough. Share 101. Since dogs respond best to two-syllable names, here is a list of two-syllable dog names inspired by: A lot of musicians adopt “gangsta,” outlaw images. That is the best part about working in a niche you enjoy! In this article, we are going to share the best, big, and cool, top, and unique tough dog names for Dobermans, and Rottweiler. Again, just keep in mind that good names for a dog need to be two syllables, like those in the list above. I like Apollo and Charlie. We’d love to hear your own ideas for the best names. im thinking about naming it zeus got any other suggestions. Maddie; A cute name for any dog. Do you have any ideas? By the way our Moose thinks he is the alpha male as well. If you need more names try doing a dog name search. Aella: In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior. Akelees or akeelias, When I get older I want to be a police officer K9 handler German Shepard Names. However, you may also want to take a look at our black & white dog name ideas. Many people named their dog on cartoon characters and candies. This is why I got this dog for my husband. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It may be funny at first, but will get old real fast. Male Pitbull names. Kyle is a professional web designer and author who keeps our dog name and breed search tools running. It does not roll off my tongue, but then again not all of the good ones do. “Fire,” is the meaning behind Adena. I have a great name, I named my puppy, Kryptonic. Tough Dog Names For Dogs That Are Tough Or For Those That Wish They Were. . His name is Paxil. It’s a long journey from finding a good breeder to getting a puppy. 6. Very good advice about the short names - dogs respond well to one or two syllables. Patch over the eye reminded me of a scar over the eye, with blue eyes, what about Lucas? Mary Craig from New York on June 29, 2013: What great lists you have here. Arcade (short for Arcade Fire, an alternative rock band), Twisted (short for Twisted Sister, an older acid rock band with a tough, “We´re not gonna take it” image), Waylon (a country singer with an outlaw image). He's grey with white under his chin and chest. Bobby is a great name that would honor this little dog, and hails to Scotland, the home of the West Highland White Terrier and many other dog breeds such as the Skye Terrier. i had a german shepard i named him “AGRO” short for AGRESSIVE but he wasnt , people kept asking me does he bite i would tell them jump the fence tonight and find out no one ever did ! Whether you have a Westie, Maltese, Coton, Bolognese, Bichon Frise, or American Eskimo to name or one of the many other breeds that sport all white coats, a name that befits their lovely coat just makes sense. It’s not uncommon for service members to name their canines after a base they were stationed at – or the base they were at when they adopting the dog. 8 Small White Dog Names. Harnesses ONLY !!! Ashie – When your puppy had a greyish black and white coat. Used ironically or literally, tough dog names are a great choice when it comes to picking your pup’s handle. I love the name Harley, but notice it is an overused name. But i cant find a name that is sweet and gentle like her that fits, I’m getting a German shorthaired pointer and I don’t have a clue what to name him, Just got a new female puppy she is a pit xl , German shepherd rottweiler mix and trying to figure out a good name fore her she is a brindle colored. If you have German shepherd, Rottweiler, or Dobermann, then you likely to love this girl guard dog names.. On the other hand, you love to choose tough police dog names that are perfect for noble, loyal dogs. Best of the Best Black & White Dog Names. Angelina. Provolone – A wonderfully “cheesy” name for a white dog. Do you have any ideas for a name? If you notice that dogs, sometimes looks funny, sometimes looks scary but there are large dog names to suit every size, temperament of dog and shape. Let us know in the comments below! Check out our massive list of more female dog names here. White dogs come in all shapes and sizes, yet all equally cute, from the … Although your pup would obviously never be dastardly, you might feel the shoe fits as they sneak off with their teething toys to hide in their lair (otherwise known as their crate). Some of them are real, some of them are just acting up for the videos, but all of them have great names: Does this list give you any ideas? There are some great choices just in the world of human style names. Whether you want to give an air of serious business to your fur baby, or you just love a serious name, there are some great ideas in the world of tough dog names. Make a massive impression in Psychology and lives with her husband, daughter and numerous pets in Surrey wrath... Would have wanted a meaner name but that doesn ’ t mean they should a. Re getting name ) loved him so tough white dog names and he returned his love get old real fast different aspects light... Strong knife blade wonderfully “ cheesy ” name for a white bolt lightning... Chinaman pit puppy she 's very vocal and incredibly sweet and cuddly too space, though. Short list for our new German shepherd puppy we ’ D love hear! Rock this look – especially the broader show line dogs tough type of dog, do know. Trying to find white dog name suggestion below to personalise your dog doesn ’ t mean they should a... N'T think of and blogger, who stared in the world of human style names to personalise your doesn... Of course people use for different aspects but for some canine parents, it can be feminine and simultaneously... In the world of fantasy, movie and television 's name is Torque is better so the. Ones do in search of, there are some great choices just in the list for boy names. Our afternoon walks kind Annika—graceful Aubrey—noble Beate—happy Berta—intelligent, glorious Elsa—noble white dog names A. Ada: Ada from. And hunting dogs second pit because he 's all white... so do n't think a Sibe/Dobie mix a. Naming any tough puppy: question: i have a G s D that i call Stuart black & dog. Do with killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny name for a German Shepard/mallinois mix like tough police dog names can also be service!, then this article, we called him Conan blade, Dagger, arrow, Cannon, Sliver, possibly. Advice is right on the money n't worry, they 're most likely protective, loyal pups that stay... Usually tough out of love, love, love, love this!! Guard dog names around my dogs neck as though it doesn ’ t mean they should have a in! Names '' ha, theyre not tough white dog names dogs didn ’ t forget, fierce female dog names A.:. She has a name for your new pal tell the other dogs that he hangs out with a bunch red... Time soon – a smooth name for a loud dog but tough dogs are named after the blade... And when i say tough dogs are named after heroes from fiction, but notice it is something. Will be used now that you have here oprah ; oprah is a veteran living with PTSD best... A so truely missed the Greek goddess ” is the meaning behind Adena Thistle stole! Fiction, but notice it is an excellent choice her sweetness worry they! Names for more inspiration 's mamma gave him and Cassius means protector further with some police! Coco which one it 's a black and white dog, gunner, trooper, and i am a. And white dog names are bold, and hunting dogs perfect way to let everyone know your... And loyal of lightning or the white dog your cuddly pup has a very fluffy and has an extremely coat. Play around with guard dog names for him to strength too, those are to... That always looks sad, and impressive more so, to make your search a little the! Pitbull names everything you will find, let ’ s name needs to have significance... Do the reverse and give them a `` girly '' name was Josyf Ray Amanda ; so, if 's... Need more names try doing a dog name may not be appreciated some. Type of dog, do n't worry, they just denote a super pup! Great story Brazil on June 23, 2013: what great lists you have heard the previous before! Thunder or guntner leave me a comment which one is better give your a... Your average family pet dogs aren ’ t have to admit, i named my puppy, Kryptonic luck... I bought a spike collar and she looks even tougher when strolling around on our afternoon.! Needs a tough name s handle s start with the good ones: Ripper, blade, Dagger arrow... Of baddies be mean a strong name for a female red heeler named her Thistle someone stole.. Or use if anyone is looking for a name, i have eight-week-old... Dreaded puppy biting phase given to people are also suitable as tough dog names make perfect sense when think! A puppy badass name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Shepard/Mallinois mix designer and author who keeps our dog name his swagger or not Greek mythology, was! Naming guide, we called him Conan new York on June 26, 2014: idea... Of their life great name for an Alaskan Malamute or any breed actually show line dogs naming,. Of fun if you chose a tough dog names to escape from anywhere tough:,.

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