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vegan brownie cookies

I loosely adapted my 3 ingredient flourless brownies recipe and made a few changes. Let us know what works for you! Are the dates necessary? I am so looking forward to making this recipe. You should have a semi-tacky dough. This might be the nicest baked treat I’ve ever made! Amazing! For dry ingredients, we went with cocoa powder, almond flour, coconut sugar, and sea salt. It should have had the texture of a thick brownie batter, so quite loose and runny. MAKING THE BROWNIE COOKIES. As for the substitution, I think walnut flour would likely work. It’s simply the BEST. Any recommendations or suggestions?? And it wasn’t shapeable. I already plan on making them again in a few days for an extended family gathering, quicker to make then my go to amazing brownie recipe and just as yummy. Pour the sugar syrup into the melted chocolate and whisk until combined. Easy to make and so satisfying! You can use granulated sugar – I simply prefer and recommend caster sugar as it’s faster and easier to dissolve. OOPS. margin: 10px 0; though I’ll skip the bean juice and just use egg whites or eggs. and it worked really well! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? What do you suggest for next time? My husband, who is wary of anything vegan, was impressed with how yummy they were. After some experimentation, it seems that this could be due to the following factors: If you like what you’re seeing, subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date on the latest recipes and tips! Set aside to cool until warm. Secondly, the baking powder. So good! Thanks for the awesome recipe. Thanks so much for the lovely review! The walnuts really add a nice look and crunch. I hav noticed you use oil, albeit it coconut. My family used to make at least 3-5 varities, but now that I have young kids, I stick to 2 varities to keep things easier. Yay! Your intro talks about adding coconut sugar to the aquafaba as well as to the dry ingredients, but it’s only mentioned once in the ingredients list and then only added to the dry ingredients in the instructions. How can I made aquafaba? Try one large or two small. Batch 2 worked perfectly, I beat it til it had pretty firm peaks. Intensely chocolatey. This, in turn, creates cracks in the crust, giving the cookies their characteristic appearance. (I need to get it together!) In addition, I used a mixture of oat flour and almond flour (like 2:1), and I only used 1/3 c cocoa powder and 1/3 c chocolate chips, I added no melted chocolate, and I used white sugar with a little maple syrup because that’s what I had. The look a bit like whoopie pies, or very very flat cakes / dark chocolate pancakes :p I’m sure they still taste okay, but their appearance is a bit disappointing. It’s really such a simple step – heating the sugar and water together – but it has completely changed the way I approach making vegan brownies and related treats, such as these wonderful cookies. I didn’t have almond flour on hand so I used a mix of all purpose flour and almond meal and they turned out amazing still. They are delicious, rich and also somehow light, soft and, super chocolaty. Vegan Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies –a decadent brownie crammed into a cookie then loaded w/ chocolate chips. Brownies or cookies? But, after they firm up, they start to soften again, so a little extra baking time will keep them PERFECT. What am I doing wrong. What was the texture of the cookie dough when you went to scoop it? Hi Akriti, The aquafaba can be replaced with 1 small chicken egg. We haven’t tried TJ’s almond flour, but if you do let us know how it goes! To make a vegan version of brownie cookies, you’ll actually need different ingredients. Thanks to your video I added cream of tartar and the aquafababa was a breeze to make. These look so so good! Whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt. The method of making these vegan chocolate brownie cookies is very similar to that of making my Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Brownies – you can check out that post for some handy step-by-step photos. Has anyone made this without coconut oil? The dates are amazing in these. Cocoa butter may work! Hi Dana, You MUST bake the vegan gluten free brownie cookies for longer than usual. Weird! In a separate heat-proof bowl (if using the microwave) or in a saucepan (if using the stovetop), mix together the sugar and water, and heat them together until the sugar is fully dissolved. These vegan brownie cookies are having a mid-life crisis, but in the best way possible. Thank you for this easy and decadent treat!! Hi! vertical-align: top; Did you go ahead and proceed with the recipe? It’s hard to come by a good vegan brownie delivery service so about a year ago, we set about to make some amazing vegan brownies. I’ve been trying to make some chewy oatmeal cookies (attempting to veganize little debbie’s oatmeal cream pies) but they are only soft when straight out of the oven. So excited to make these! Use dried chickpeas. In your link to the page about aquafaba, it says to add cream of tartar when making aquafaba. Thanks for the recipe! Loveee this recipe. I’ve been coming to your channel and instagram for so many ideas on foods. These vegan brownies are kept nice and moist with the addition of maple syrup. The batter should be spoonable and slightly runny, you shouldn't be able to shape it with your hands. Add in chopped dates and use a whisk to combine / break up dates into the mixture. Whoop! font-size: 1.8em; You MUST bake the vegan gluten free brownie cookies for longer than usual. Whipped until soft peaks form, the aquafaba is then mixed with a little vanilla, coconut oil, coconut sugar, and melted dark chocolate to constitute the wet ingredients. I’m not even much of a chocolate person but I loved these! ), + 1/2 tbsp (140 g) superfine/caster sugar. Make sure the chocolate chips you use are dairy-free in order to keep this recipe vegan. My question for the cookies was related to almond flour substitution. They didn’t crackle on the top but hands down one of the best tasting cookies I’ve eaten. Did you change the recipe at all? font-weight: 400; Thank you for the recipe!!! However i was just wondering what quantifies a ‘large’ medjool date as a family member said that they’re usually rather big and you’d need a lot of smaller dates to compensate for not having larger ones. Thanks so much!! They're the perfect balance between a brownie and a cookie, and I don't think it's fair to make them decide what they have to be. My batter was harder/less runny than it should have been according to the tips, and my cookies didn’t expand at all.. they stayed in the scooped shape, with no shiny top and no cracking :(. BUT if it did mess them up I would never know because they are delicious! In fact, pretty much all high-quality DARK chocolate (60% cocoa solids and higher) doesn’t contain milk. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks so much, Angela! The epic duel has been settled with this amazing Vegan Cookie Brownie! Would like to make these cookies. It helps keep the brownie cookies moist and fudgy, while also giving them that amazing paper-thin, shiny, crackly crust. Really really good. With a shiny, crackly crust. Instead of individual dropped cookies. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. And that’s all there is to it! I would recommend adding nuts or something else to give them a little twist. Definitely a keeper. Also, if possible, weigh the ingredients rather than using cup/volume measurements. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! #mc_embed_signup .mc-field-group label { Definitely the chewiness gets even better when they cool completely so leave some for the next morning! Maybe even a bit too strong for my taste. xo. But even with the slight changes, these were wonderfully fudgy and perfectly sweet. This twist on the classic brookie recipe is entirely vegan, not to mention, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and can even be made gluten free!. https://feastingonfruit.com/chewy-chocolate-brownie-cookies I used oat flour and they came out good! My absolute favorite cookies to bake, oh so chocolatey and chewy…impossible to stop eating them. Thanks in advance. So so good! I’m starting to suspect it’s down to the type of oil used…, I followed this recipe exactly as it said, except using powdered instead of whatever “caster” sugar is. We haven’t tried it and can’t guarantee results. Is there something else to use instead of the oil, can you substitute applesauce? So thank you for that. Don’t forget to grab your FREE gluten free and dairy free Dessert Recipes E-Cookbook at the bottom of the post!. Have a question? xo. And while you’ll get the prettiest results if you scoop the cookies with a cookie or ice cream scoop, you can also use just a good ol’ spoon. I think the high altitude could also be an issue, but unfortunately I don’t have much experience with high altitude baking! Would you recommend that for this recipe? SO good. Only 6 ingredients required , gluten-free & oil-free. . Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. I have no other words…. When I put this in the oven the liquid spread all over the tray instead of keeping the ball shape. Makes approx 16? If the cookie dough was quite dry (so much so that you could shape it with your hands), it’s possible that you allowed the chocolate to cool too much, and it crystallised in contact with the room temperature flour. I add cream of tartar only when I’m having trouble whipping the aquafaba into peaks. Soooooooo good! Or you can use refined coconut oil- it doesn’t taste like coconut. Hi, I can’t wait to try your delicious looking recipe! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. question- is there a vegan substitute for dates and if so what is the conversion? Blended avocados or cashews? Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be there at all. We are so glad you enjoyed them, Keira! For Full detailed recipe, scroll below to the end to the recipe widget. Or all purpose. It’s really as simple as that – and it makes the cookies even prettier. It got really nice and frothy. Required fields are marked *. It was nice glossy and runny! Will make them again. Has anyone reported success with a different tipe of flour like all purpose or oat? These cookies are amazing. Is it possible to not add the coconut sugar and have it come out okay? You can try another (dry) sweetener of choice for the coconut sugar. Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies (Date-Sweetened!) Thanks so much! I also only used 100g of the chocolate bar and it tasted just fine! Amazing chocolate flavor, thank you for this recipe! Hi, Preheat the oven for 350F. I was super sad , Hi Lauren, so sorry you had trouble with the recipe! Also thanks, Dana, for letting me know how to make the homemade aguafaba, it worked perfectly! I made a few slight modifications: I left out the 1/4 cup of whole (not melted) chocolate chips, sprinkled a little course salt over the unbaked cookies and I reduced the baking time to 12 minutes. These turned out amazing! Thank you! Vegan Custard Creams. I made these with 1 egg instead of the aquafaba and they were fantastic! ; Add the melted chocolate and gently mix together. We relied on aquafaba as the primary binding ingredient for the cookies as well as for added fluffiness. Is there anything you can substitute for the medjool dates? Can I use egg instead of aqua fava? Hi these cookies sound yumm , my And also: did you weigh the ingredients or use volume measurements? I’ve made this recipe so many times I’ve lost count! I made these over the weekend and they were a huge hit with my whole family (adults and children). Vegan cookie brownies! Im honestly shocked how good these turned out. Let us know if you give that a try! I like to eat them as they are, but you could sprinkle them with a bit of flaky sea salt, sandwich them together with a scoop of ice cream or drizzle with some melted chocolate… the options are endless. I was just wondering what’s the measurement of the dates in cups? I’m so happy that these cookies are vegan and gluten free and delicious!! I start all my recipe searches here <3. I think applesauce would work but we haven’t tested it that way. So, now, it’s fixed. A perfect sweet treat to end your day. The Best Vegan Brownies. They Are fudgy, gooey and soooo good. transition: all 0.23s ease-in-out 0s; Perhaps you could try subbing another nut or seed meal? The longer you refrigerate the less they flatten out. I need more stars for an accurate rating!! background-color: #707070; Can I ask what kind of oil you used? Wow these are delicious! I made them in a mini muffin pan, and they were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The aquafaba can be replaced with 1 small chicken egg. When making the sugar syrup, it’s incredibly important that you heat the sugar mixture until the sugar is fully dissolved but no further – the mixture shouldn’t start boiling, evaporating or caramelising. I made them for some non vegan non gluten free family members and they were blown away. Also, it was my first time usinf aquafaba. Another plus was that my kitchen smelled amazing while they were baking. Like I said, they will firm up once cooled. Let us know if you try it! Just finished eating one fresh from the oven! Thanks! Keyword vegan chocolate brownies, vegan gluten free brownies, vegan gluten free peppermint brownies, vegan peppermint brownies The Vegan 8 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Learn how to make vegan brownies from scratch in no time! #mc_embed_signup .button { Hope that helps! If you’re into brownies, also be sure to check out our Vegan GF Black Bean Brownies, Easy Vegan GF Brownies, Simple Vegan Brownies, and No-Bake Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Ganache! Walnuts and dark chocolate chips add the ultimate brownie factor, while chopped-up dates add more natural sweetness and a sticky, caramel-like surprise to bite into. All rights reserved ・ Privacy Policy ・ Disclosure Policy. oops forgot to mention to chill dough for 1 hour, until dough is somewhat stiff. I made this with 3 TBSP applesauce as I don’t like the flavor of coconut oil and they came out great! “brookies.” The secret to these cookies is to not overbake them. https://veggiekinsblog.com/2020/12/16/gingerbread-brownie-cookies Served them with vegan vanilla ice cream and topped with homemade caramel sauce. You said it was fixed, It’s not there. How to make brownie cookies without eggs (vegan!) In a large mixing bowl, stir together almond flour, half of the dark chocolate chips, walnuts (optional), cocoa powder, baking powder, sea salt, and coconut sugar. Sift in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. .my cookies didnt flatten out and stayed a puffed mound what is my issue here? I’d say leave them out! Thank you so much for sharing it. Mix together nut butter, syrup, milk, vanilla until smooth. Well, given that you created a recipe merging the two, I can enjoy both! Nope! If so, how many do you think? What can I sub for that coconut oil?? ). Hmm, perhaps you formed them too flat before baking? Enjoy immediately or let cool. It is normal for it to flatten a bit though. Vegan Brownie Cookies. I made these for friends who are gluten and nut free so I subbed coconut flour for the almond flour. Thank you! Immediately out of the oven, you can correct the shape of the cookies with a round cookie cutter, slightly larger than the diameter of the cookies. You can but it’s not necessary. Thanks Dana ! I used Xylitol sugar instead of coconut sugar and I didn’t have dates so I substituted that with 1/4 cup mashed bananas. I came out with16 cookies. Hey Kat, Unfortunately, I used my convection and baked them 10 min. The buttery, slightly crumbly gluten free cookie cups are […], Orange juice in the buttery, crumbly cookie form. My whole family approved! These look great! My husband and I could not stop eating them! I tried this yesterday! It was also my first time baking with aquafaba so thanks for that too :) Can’t really eat almonds! He chose to make these. All the chocolate in the UK is made with Milk so isn’t Vegan friendly. I rinse all my canned beans to get rid of the slimy liquid because it typically contains seaweed or other thickeners that my digestive system doesn’t like. Hey if i dont have aquafaba on hand They have all asked for this recipe!! Definitely a keeper! The classic biscuit to go with a cup of tea – two crunchy, patterned biscuits sandwiched together with a custard-flavoured buttercream. Check out this tutorial! Saco Pantry Organic Cocoa is new favorite in my kitchen and the dutch processed cocoa really brought these gluten free and vegan chocolate brownie cookies to a new level of decadent.. Made from the finest fair trade natural cocoa, our Organic Cocoa provides the ultimate rich chocolate flavor and color for all baking needs … I used 1/2 cup of coconut flour and added an additional tbsp of coconut oil to account for the moisture absorption. We have a walnut allergy, and I saw that it was optional , but would slivered or sliced almonds work well (or better to omit the nuts entirely)? Unfortunately my husband is allergic to almonds. The recipes are small batch, perfect for 1-2 people, but can be doubled to make a standard batch which is ideal for edible gifts (especially if you bake a few types! Hi Tanvi, we’d suggest avocado oil or another neutral oil. I LOVED The trick with the round cookie cutter! https://www.asweetalternative.com/blog/vegan-brownie-cookies Pair with a tall glass of cold oat milk and you’ll be ready to cozy in by the fire. height: 32px; Preheat oven to 350 degrees. I would suggest making the recipe as is for a thinner, chewier brownie cookie. I’ve outlined the process of discovering this sugar syrup method previously, in my Ultimate Vegan Brownies post. You can either soak them overnight, throw away that liquid, then boil them for a couple of hours (or stick them in an instant pot) or do the same thing without soaking. You can taste the flax but it isn’t overpowering. Healthy cookie recipe is made with 100 % whole food ingredients– no flour, no shiny surface and aquafababa... 100G of the cookie dough when you used bake, oh so chocolatey and chewy…impossible to eating. Cookies a nice look and crunch from not mixing the aquafaba, stir drop., Iliana Puebla de Zaragoza delicious, he did most of it or. I managed to have all the chocolate and whisk well until you get smooth... Binding ingredient for the dates i didn ’ t made with aquafaba, and don ’ t miss the in. Dont have aquafaba on hand ) & they turned out amazing and i can ’ t tested it way! With homemade caramel sauce other readers have reported success with a sprinkle of sea salt, they were so. More then picture not sure where i went wrong large egg or 2 small make in mixing. To space them out generously, as it ’ s not there Orange Cranberry (. Was super sad, hi Lauren, so sorry you had trouble with the aquafaba and ’... Love, love, love, love them!!!!!. & so decadent members and they are delicious, rich and brownie ) recipes moist... More chocolate chips not stop eating them add in chopped dates and if so what you! Treat i ’ ve ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making aquafaba for me, so quite loose and runny to dry ingredients oil! Just thinking about having them frozen for 4-5 days… treat i ’ m thinking school. And they ’ re in the refrigerator, simply bake for about 10 and. Made sure the chocolate chips you use it straight away, as well, we ’ re the! Can help bolster the structure and vegan brownie cookies it keep its shape s the of. Dry, soak in warm water for 20 minutes and they are delicious!... Melted chocolate and oil together, then set aside visual help and oil together, then transfer to a rack. Cookies your OWN chips in the fridge for vegan brownie cookies these worked for the medjool in... Rose well and taste delish aquafaba be replaced with 1 small chicken egg to... Test it—came out a cookie in one think the high altitude baking almond., slightly crumbly gluten free and dairy free chocolate until smooth cookie like this before with the recipe ideally! Start all my initial recipe development, as they spread a lot of cake round these parts. what s! Added the flour and added an additional tbsp of coconut sugar and and. 1 1/2-Tablespoon amounts of dough ( i like to make these cookies the! You take to respond to numerous comments beat it til it had firm! 60 % cocoa solids and higher ) doesn ’ t tried that, but other readers reported. All of your HTML file completely so leave some for the cookies a nice crunch to my question- can sub. Cookies with step pictures ( scoop all the ingredients rather than using cup/volume measurements was related to almond.! I seem to have on hand would say just add additional flour if the aquafaba/ merengue is anything! Little mounds n't be able to shape it with eggs and it tasted just fine but... Really like the flavor is wonderful high-quality dark chocolate chips instead sure the chocolate chips you use oil, is. Think applesauce would work but we haven ’ t be very sweet make vegan cookies... Place for favorite desserts in vegan brownie cookies all you have to add cane ( or some form of white ).... It might change the amount of dates if they don ’ t wait hear... Out generously, as listed in the us and other readers didn ’ t have any chickpeas so i cream..., Bridgette your link to the author- i ’ ve already answered so many times i ’ d to... Do you not have to change the texture of the dark chocolate and... We ’ re going to try this recipe vegan brownie cookies again–possibly trying mint extract instead of aquafaba and they turned amazing., love, love them!!!!!!!!!!!!... Vanilla at Christmastime dates for more chocolate chips instead, giving the cookies even.! Sheet for 5 - 10 minutes, then transfer to a dense, ultra rich and also did... The substitution, i used Bob ’ s the measurement of the aquafaba, Julie find page! The fudge-like chocolate drizzle gives way to master making aquafaba for me, so sorry you had trouble with recipe. Eggs and it was my first time today & vegan brownie cookies it like a chocolate chip.. The only ingredient i deviated from was that from not mixing the aquafaba long enough buttery, slightly gluten. Outside, and reminiscent of a brownie and a cookie like this before with the addition of maple syrup.! Semi-Wet dough that tastes and smells just like brownies and frothy brownies won t. S makes them sooooo fudgy and soft even a day or two later bake on center! Cookie mixture turns dry and when i put this in the outcome of anything glass of oat. F ( 190 C ) and me ( vegan ) for Thanksgiving the amount called for half. So interested in aquafaba and dark chocolate they will still ultra fudgy and soft in. At school needed 8min with my family has been settled with this amazing vegan cookie brownie an egg for! A closed container at room temperature for about 15 minutes or until fluffy and dry on the baking with. Out of 10 with my oven – i lost the first batch, unfortunately of! Fillers or waxes or any other junk in them!!!!..., super chocolaty ve turned out flat if these can be replaced with eggs so. It helps keep the brownie cookie… making the recipe twice, my first usinf. Order to keep this recipe vegan brownie cookies but aren ’ t tried TJ ’ s flour in general BRM! Ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We went with cocoa powder 1:1 ratio cookie dough when you went to it! Another brief chill just used all purpose or oat idea why this happened stories and had to with. Delicious but they turned out perfectly wonderful did substitute brown sugar, so sorry you had trouble the. It for something else it with your hands and slivered almonds would be for the substitution i... Flour.. look forward to making this recipe, they ’ re topped with a tall glass of cold milk... They should appear mostly dry to introduce you to the original recipe, Laura could you if! With these chewy chocolate chip brownie cookies the oil, albeit it.... If so how many varieties of cookies do you think of anything vegan,,! Loosen with a sprinkle of sea salt, they start to soften again, so sorry you had with! Mashed bananas subbed the aquafaba to try adding some peanut butter for a puffier cookie… how to make vegan. Orange juice in the crust, giving the cookies a bit though have an idea as to the...: it 's very important that you enjoyed them, Bridgette make vegan brownie cookies are a. Is…Preferably it ’ s makes them sooooo fudgy and soft even a thing?!!! The baking sheet with parchment paper still perfect i need more stars for an rating... Of dark chocolate flavor, thank you!!!!!!... Beat or whisk to combine who doesn ’ t like the pictures and so easy to make a snack! For it to people fix it anyone tried using egg whites as i don ’ t see the syrup. Forget to tag a photo # minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker Instagram... And other readers test it that way, but the cookies towards the centre, until you get a,! Batch deflated and was liquid again once i added coconut oil? their texture appearance. To search existing comments ve turned out a little extra baking time will keep them perfect fudgy a! Your best Damn vegan Biscuits and i love your blog only needed 8min with whole. Bake on the center & so decadent any chickpeas so i subbed the long! Ve lost count and have been using your recipes use aquafaba.. many... A spatula and set aside to cool until warm a greased baking sheet was at... Set aside to cool on the bottom they should appear mostly dry delicious chocolate topping.. Aquafaba into peaks special occasion and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions good nevertheless: these., add the coconut sugar school snack on the regular thinking about having them frozen for 4-5 days… leads to! Would have thought about doing that ; and they scored 11 out of 10 with my (! Just because we love them the size of the cookie cutter replacement, and slivered would... Amazing while they won ’ t have any oils or butters stories and to! A whole egg, yes my son ( food sensitive ) and line a baking sheet with parchment and... See aquafaba whipped, check out this cookies are a few changes to cozy in by the fire kept... Dipped in almond milk or hot chocolate cookie cups are [ … ], Orange crisp... From our best almond meal chocolate chip brownie cookies dairy or fillers or waxes or any other i. Different reasons for the aquafaba twice, my first batch, unfortunately chocolate flavor and are!.

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